Although correction of impaired vision through prescription glasses or contact lenses has been in practice for more than a century, it has its own limitations and demerits. Hence it was not surprising to witness the wish of the patients to correct their vision without the necessity of glasses or lens. Thanks to the advances in medical technology, their dream has indeed has become a reality. Since the last decade of the twentieth century, laser eye surgeries have evolved a lot and presently Laser Assisted in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) eye surgery has become a successful procedure and boon to patients with impaired vision. But is it good and safe enough? Let’s find it out.

  • Paramount safety: LASIK techniques are far superior to any other eye surgery to correct vision impairment and the reason can be easily attributed to its technologically advanced features. Yes, LASIK techniques are devoid of most of the clinical risks associated with vision correction procedures and has success rate of more than 95%.


  • Immediate results: What is more interesting about LASIK is that it is devoid of complicated procedures. Being an outpatient procedure, the complete vision correction surgery can be completed in time duration of 30 minutes. Again the recovery period after the procedure is very much negligible – patients can resume their normal activities a day after the surgery, provided sufficient protection is adopted in dusty areas for initial few days.


  • Stay away from glasses and lenses: No more troublesome changing of lenses or prescription glasses every year. And not to forget about the botherations associated with cleaning solution or crawling the floor region in search of a lost lens. LASIK literally provides freedom from glasses and lenses and allows individuals to enjoy life better.


  • Aesthetic enhancement: The looks or aesthetic appearance of an individual can be radically improved through LASIK surgery. The reason – need not be four eyed again with glasses sitting upon your nose.


  • Functionality augmentation: Improved vision is not an option but a norm for patients who would like to adopt swimming and cycling as passion or serve air force or navy services as profession. Perhaps this is when the actual requirement of perfect vision is more felt. Studies reveal that more than 95% of patients who have undergone LASIK procedure have achieved uncorrected visual activity of 20/40 vision and 85% even got better and reached 20/20 vision or better, assures a specialist eye doctor renowned for LASIK eye surgery in Pune.


  • Cost effective: Although it is true that LASIK surgery is costlier than the annual costs of lens, it is a one time investment. But after few years, LASIK would definitely pay back the investment and would start saving money which otherwise would have to be spent on contact lens and prescription glass.

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