Myopia Treatment

Myopia is a medical term of vision condition where in a person can see the nearby objects very clearly but has a blurred vision about faraway objects. Those who suffer from Myopia find difficulty while watching a movie in a theater or on Television. Even children suffering from Myopia face a lot difficult to read that is written on the white board. There are many pediatric Eye specialists in Pune who treat children for their myopia vision condition.

Why does Myopia Occur?

Myopia happens when the eyeball is very long or the cornea (the front cover of the eye) is overly curved. On account of this, the light penetrating the eye fails to get focussed properly and the objects at the distance end up looking blurred. One can approach reputed eye hospitals for Myopia treatment in Pune. Though till date the exact cause for myopia is not known, there are evidence available to prove that myopia is inherited by many people. Some even develop the tendency to get myopia. In cases where either one or both the parents have nearsightedness, the chances of children having myopia are very high. The treatment for Myopia in Pune is possible by visiting one of the reputed Eye Hospitals in Pune. Though it cannot be denied that the tendency to get Myopia is inherited, the real development of myopia is directly related to how a person tends to use his or her eyes. People who end up spending major part of their time in front of the computer or spend greater time in reading or other concentrated visual work are more prone to develop myopia.

Treatment of Myopia:

Myopia treatment involves the following options which a person can choose to regain better and clear vision of distant objects. In big cities

  • Eye Glasses
  • Contact Lenses
  • CRT or Ortho-K
  • Laser procedures such as Lasik (laser in situ keratomileusis) or PRK (Photo refractive keratectomy)
  • Varied other refractive surgery procedures
  • Vision therapy for people with stress related myopia vision condition.

If you are someone suffering from myopia vision condition, you have plenty of options available to you to correct and get rid of your vision problem. By consulting a good optometrist, you can choose one of the above mentioned treatments that suits you best based on your visual and lifestyle requirements.