January 30, 2017

Cataract Surgery : What We Can Expect ?

If you are experiencing a cloudy vision, perhaps cataracts have set in your lens and the only way to regain proper vision is through cataract surgery, […]
December 30, 2016

Why Excessive Sugar Consumption Is Not Good For Your Eyes ?

Winter or summer, Indian calendars are always filled with festive occasions that call for celebrations. And ofcourse, along with them lots of treats, cookies, sweet delicacies, […]
December 20, 2016

How Good & Safe Is The LASIK Eye Surgery ?

Although correction of impaired vision through prescription glasses or contact lenses has been in practice for more than a century, it has its own limitations and […]
December 10, 2016

Follow These 7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Eyes During This Winter

We all take extra precautions to stay warm and safeguard our skin and face during winter weather. But how many of us are aware of the […]