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What should be a right interval between two eyes cataract surgery?

The modern cataract surgery is a very simple, quick and risk-free procedure. The post cataract recovery period is also much shorter and pain-free. As a result of this, many of the patients who undergo this cataract surgery for one eye want to go in for the surgery in the other eye immediately. There are many benefits as well to getting the cataract surgeries for both the eyes done within a short period of time, the biggest benefit being that all the post cataract care required can be done at the same time. Thus, you are able to use the same post cataract surgery eye drops for both the eyes, etc. Thus, it does sound like a good idea to get the cataract surgery in Pune for both the eyes done immediately, one after the other.

Minimum Time Gap Between The Cataract Surgeries

While it is a good idea to get the second cataract surgery as soon as possible after the first one, there is a little time gap that should be kept between the two surgeries. There is no fixed answer for the amount of time gap between these two surgeries and at the end of the day, the gap between the two surgeries depends on the doctor and the condition of the individual patient. A good eye surgeon would want to supervise and ensure that the healing process for the first eye is complete, the stability in vision is back and recovers to his satisfaction. Only after this would he or she be willing to perform the cataract surgery on the second eye. It is possible to get the cataract surgery for both the eyes done on the same day, but there are not many doctors who are willing to and advise their patients to take this risk. It is a general practice to wait for at least a week, or a minimum of 4-5 days, before performing the surgery on the second eye.

There are numerous factors which the doctors take into account before deciding when the patient can go in for the second cataract surgery in Pune. Some of the factors considered by the doctors, which justify an immediate second cataract surgery, are as follows:

  • The advanced stage of the cataract in the second eye would affect this decision. If the cataract is having a significant effect on the vision of the second eye, the doctors may want to go in for the second cataract surgery as soon as possible.

  • If the patient was using very high power lenses or glasses, then after surgery to the first eye, his vision in this eye would improve, while the second eye would still require high power. This can cause problems, and therefore a quicker second cataract surgery would be advisable.

  • If the patient has been brought to a medically fit state for the surgery with a lot of difficulties, it would be better to perform the second surgery while this medically fit the stage of the patient persists.

  • If the members of the family would have difficulty in taking time out a second time for the surgery and post-operative care of the patient, the second surgery may be performed together, to save the family time.

Dr. Vimal K Parmar

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